Tiny “nano-sponges” encourage killer strikes in 2023 Dance Your PhD successful video Ars Technica

Marshall’s award-winning dance of checkers depicts electrons shifting in crystalline fabrics that experience all kinds of programs. College of Oregon chemist Checkers Marshall took most sensible honors within the 2023 Dance Your PhD pageant, hand lovers, for making a dance video to give an explanation for his paintings on “nano-sponge” fabrics to be used in … Read more

‘Dance 100’ premiere recap – Episode 1 of the Netflix pageant

Netflix’s new pageant sequence may have been referred to as So You Assume You Can Danceā€¦ with 100 people at the display that can come to a decision your longevity, dance 100, a 6-episode, hour-long display, launched lately and pits 8 choreographers towards each and every different for a $100,000 final prize. The set-up: Each … Read more